Dating Tips: Top 20 Advice for Men

Let’s face it: dating can be hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first date with your prospective partner, or your regular date night; you want to make sure that everything goes well. No one ever really goes on a date without expecting it to grow into something more, even if they want to take […]

Best Yachts of 2018 in Europe

  What is the yacht of the year, or the best yachts to pay special mind to in 2018? Which are the most intriguing, engaging, inventive, well assembled and best incentive for cash yachts available? These are the questions that you would conceivably ask yourself before you dole out the money before buying a private […]

Types of Entertainment for Your Yacht Cruise

While a yacht cruise might be one of the best experiences that you can share with your friends, family, or even an elite companion, there are times when you need something a little bit more than the natural beauty around you to make your experience great. Sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side, and […]

What are the stages in yacht dating?

Yes, that sounds strange – stages in yacht dating. Why would there be stages in yacht dating? Well, when you really think about it, a yacht is a pretty special and intimate place, and you don’t want to bring just anyone aboard your yacht. You want to make sure that people who board your yacht […]

Best Yacht Cruises in Europe to Take Your Elite Companion

When it comes to taking a cruise yacht in Europe with your elite companion, the hardest thing to do is to actually decide where you are going to go. Indeed, the amazing and varied geography of Europe will give you a wide range of different destinations, so it doesn’t matter what kind of climate, activity, […]

Amazing cruise experiences for you to try

  There are so many great cruise experiences for you and your elite companion to try together, especially if you want to have an unforgettable date. Cruises are generally more private and romantic, and you can still see gorgeous views and exotic locations while you are on-board. Here are amazing cruise experiences for you and […]

3 Amazing places in Europe to cruise for yacht dating

Getting on a yacht and cruising around Europe is perhaps one of the best ways to truly enjoy all the beautiful locations that Europe has to offer, especially if you want to enjoy some quality time along with your elite companion. You don’t have to worry about other people ruining your time together, and you […]

Best Dating Places to Bring Your Date While on a Yacht

  Do you know what the best thing about being on a yacht is? It’s that you and your elite escort date can pretty much go anywhere, anytime, especially if you have a larger yacht that has luxury accommodations and amenities such as a bath, kitchen, and lounging area. You won’t have to worry about […]

Best Yacht Makers in Europe to Order Your Luxury Yacht

  When you order a luxury yacht, it is a personal and satisfying experience. You are there for every step of the building process, whether you’re building from a proven yacht concept, or you are creating a new yacht concept altogether. Many superyacht builders are very open to the suggestions and wishes of their clients, […]

How to Make Traveling with European Elite Companions Easier

When you travel through Europe, whether alone on business or pleasure, it is possible that you night have to travel through a country where the majority of the local people do not speak English. While we take for granted in the West that most people around the world speak English, there are many, many cultures […]

3 Funny Date Stories on a Yachts

There are so many reasons why having a date on a yacht sounds like the perfect date: you won’t have to worry about crowds of other people, you control your own schedule, and you can pretty much go anywhere you want with your date without worrying about booking a reservation ahead. However, life doesn’t always […]

Where to Get the Best Yachts in the USA: 3 Best Yacht Companies in The US

The plan and work of an extravagance yacht is a genuinely individual ordeal. In the case of tweaking a plan to be based on a demonstrated stage, or endeavoring to make a totally new idea out and out, superyacht proprietors will look to work with a yacht developer that genuinely comprehends their vision, and can […]

Why Book A Travel Companion?

Many people question the idea of travel companions; A gentleman may think he can pick up girls anywhere, be introduced to girls by friends, or meet girls online. Certainly if one has money or power, girls are lined up to meet him. So why book time with professional model companions? Why are so many high […]

Why is Europe one of the Best Places to Hire an Elite Companion?

  When you travel through Europe for business or pleasure, it’s more enjoyable to experience your trip with a beautiful woman at your side, and there’s no place in the world to hire an elite companion than Europe. One of the reasons why Europe is the best place to find an elite companion is that […]

Great Reasons to Own a Yacht (Aside from Partying)

Many people associate the idea of a yacht with a non-stop party, and while, yes, a yacht is a great place to have a party with your elite escort, there are a lot of other reasons why you should own a yacht First, a yacht offers a place that’s the perfect setting for a romantic […]

Why You Should Get Your Next Super yacht from Zaha Hadid

  If you are wondering which super yacht you should choose next to add to your fleet, or you’re wondering which super yacht you should purchase for your first one, then you should consider choosing one of the super yacht created by architect and designer Zaha Hadid.     While Hadid is known as an […]