Beautiful Travel Companions

Have A Gorgeous Model Meet You Anywhere In The World

Arrange for a stunning, accomplished and educated model, actress or talented career woman to join you as your personal travel escort. With a little notice, (varying depending on the model), we can have a gorgeous beauty by your side for an event, a date night, or just a relaxing weekend or week away somewhere.

Don’t continue to feel stressed, or try to handle everything alone. And don’t waste yourself on cheap options. Meet a truly incredible young woman to enjoy a genuine connection.

A luxury GFE escort model whose courtesan qualities set her a cut above any full time escort. Discreet, intelligent, refined, elegant and beguiling. Prepare to be captivated beyond your expectations.


Travel Escorts

Why book a travel companion?

Traveling alone is boring, let’s face it. Even with a yacht full of staff, you’re pretty much left to your own devices. Boring.

You can invite friends to join you, but they can only really keep you company for so long. They want to relax and enjoy themselves too; they’re there for you, but they’re not there just for you.

What about a girlfriend? Inviting a female you already know to accompany you for a weekend or more on board your yacht might be nice, but what about the obligation..?

She will usually expect the time together to become something more than a friendly vacation together. Then you have to answer text messages, call her, be the ‘boyfriend’.

If you know a woman with whom you want to be that close, or to start a serious relationship, by all means invite her, and begin getting to know each other better and building a relationship.

However what are the options if you just want some beautiful, intelligent company, without the obligation of taking things further when the vacation is over?

The perfect solution is to consult with us at Super Yacht Escorts, and invite one of the gorgeous companions we have available to join you on board.

We offer only fresh, educated, fit beauties, who are not involved in the adult industry. Our accomplished models, actresses and career girls are simply available a few times a year for special requests.

No more robotic or mechanical company, no more plastic-looking girls or silly minds, no more rough party girls or smokers. Enjoy the quality of companion you deserve. Contact us now.


Where to take your travel escort

The destination of your time together, whether on board your yacht or on shore, is entirely up to you. Enjoy some time in gorgeous South America, the tropical islands of Indonesia, or perhaps just anchor your yacht off the coast of Capri or Amalfi and soak in the European beauty.

You can even moor at a lovely marina in the Riviera and go on-shore for some shopping and fine dining. There are endless possibilities, as long as the young lady has contact with us at all times, you are both free to enjoy your time wherever you wish in the world. Take in a show at a local lounge or theatre, or sip champagne by moonlight on deck.

Some popular itinerary destinations include:

East Mediterranean – Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Venezia

West Mediterranean – French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Spain, Balearics, The Amalfi Coast

Caribbean & Bahamas – Bahamas, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, British Virgin Islands

Indian Ocean & South East Asia – Seychelles, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand

South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia

Northern Europe & Baltics – United Kingdom, Norway, Baltic Sea, Denmark

Southern Hemisphere Tip – Antarctica

North America & Canada – New England, Canada East Coast, Canada West Coast, California, Alaska, The Great Lakes, Florida, Greenland

Central & South America – Central America, Mexico, Patagonia, Chile, Galapagos Islands, Brasil


How to treat your international escort model

As with anything in life, being a gentleman will garner a better result for you. Anyone you contract or hire to assist you will work better or remain with you under good conditions. If you treat people badly, they will not remain with you.

Therefore, the models you book through SuperYachtEscorts will expect the same conditions as any other human.

Be friendly, be considerate, treat her as a friend, not a lackey. She is your equal, not to be ordered around or treated roughly; you will still be prosecuted for any violation of human rights.

You do not “own” the lady, she is there at your invitation, and her time is paid for. Be a gentleman. THe rest is common sense.


Benefits of a travel buddy

When pondering the purpose of having a companion join you, the benefits are many. Of course you have your crew for the more mundane services (not to say a gorgeous model may not whip up and serve you a sumptuous feast to spoil you if she’s so inclined!).

But a travel companion can be invaluable for more personal services, like tending to personal calls and paperwork. She can be relied upon to be discreet and trustworthy.

Further benefits can include personal massage, whereby you can spend much longer enjoying a more leisurely massage, than with a massage therapist whose only job is to schedule in treatments for everyone on board.

Your own personal companion can come to your cabin and perform private massage sessions. She will remain by your side throughout, to attend to whatever is required.

Of course having a gorgeous, sexy, educated woman on board is hardly a difficult thing; the sight of her in a bikini on deck should more than make up for the cost of her presence! She’ll be engaging and interesting conversation buddy, as well as a travel aficionado, giving great advice on places to visit.

She’ll have romantic dinners with you, dance with you on deck, and generally make your trip far more enjoyably than if you were cruising alone. A GFE (girlfriend experience) on board is just that. You’ll have a girlfriend all to yourself, who is far more enjoyable company than random staff or your TV set.

Get to know each other in a more intimate dinner setting, alone with candles and wine, and let the evening proceed to relax and unwind your mind.


Beautiful women for travel companions.

A beautiful GFE travel companion escort on board your yacht.

What to expect from a professional GFE escort

A GFE escort from Super Yacht Escorts company will be educated, refined, discreet and naturally gorgeous. You will never meet rough, tattooed types, nor prima donnas or divas.

You’ll meet truly wonderful women, carefully selected out of thousands of applicants, to be available for introduction to VIPs like yourself.

These women are well versed in high society and socializing with VIPs , and will not be intimidated nor offensive.

You can expect an authentic lady, with no airs and graces, who knows the protocols of yachting and how to conduct herself. No substance abuse is tolerated in Super Yacht Escorts company, and anyone found to be indulging in this lifestyle will be eliminated from our books immediately.

Your GFE companion will be refined, elegant, hygienic, intelligent and an absolute pleasure to have around you.

You are not hiring a typical escort who is basically an hourly call girl, but a high end model who specializes in longer meetings with a few VIPs. She is accustomed to VIP lifestyle, and remains fresh and feminine, with the right mind set.

She’s a ‘normal woman’ rather than a hustler, with her own successful career and achievements. She’s usually available as a companion because she enjoys meeting interesting new people, or finds it difficult to meet men for dating, given her status. You’d be surprised how many beautiful women have trouble meeting decent men to date.

Her mind is not on her money, but on you. Therefore her fee is basically a formality, to eliminate less suitable callers. It’s all about the personal attention and the genuine connection.

Don’t expect some trampy party girl. You’ll be hiring a true lady, with whom to enjoy extremely magical, memorable moments. Who knows, cupid may strike and you’ll find your perfect match!


How to select the best yacht companion

Firstly, only call reputable and specialized companies. If you visit some random website with lingerie-clad girls all over the site, you’re going to attract undesirable company and attention.

Avoid any call girl sites, or any company offering girls who show their faces online. This is a big giveaway that the girls are available by the hour to whoever calls. Hardly fresh!

Make sure the receptionist or owner you deal with is educated and attentive. If they take days to reply to you, or seem to be rushing you, steer clear. You need time to discuss and select the perfect person/ people to accompany you on board.

You don’t want someone on board who will cause trouble, damage the boat, or be oblivious to you. The company owner should be experienced and able to understand your preferences and needs, recommending perfectly suited GFE companions from the modeling, acting and professional worlds.

Don’t be fooled by beautiful photos. A reputable company will have video footage of the models to verify that the photos are real. Not all models will provide this, especially the celebrity level models but they should have enough to convince you that their photos are real.

So many people airbrush their images to the extent that the woman is unrecognizable. Meet the woman you are expecting, not an older, heavier, less beautiful version.

Otherwise, enjoy your selection process and have a sparkling time on board!