International Yachting Locations

Stunning Destinations for Yacht Cruising

Explore some of the exquisitely beautiful locations in which to moor your yacht and enjoy the entertainment and conversation of your gorgeous companion (or companions!) Savor the stunning beauty of nature aboard your luxury super yacht.

Some popular itinerary destinations include:

East Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean is a beautiful destination for cruising; the lure of the path less traveled. With its exotic history and stunning natural beauty, you can usually find yourself less crowded than in the West Mediterranean. If you seek beauty as well as privacy and seclusion, favour the Eastern side:

Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Venezia


West Mediterranean

One of the most popular cruise destinations, the Western Mediterranean is often packed with yachts and super yachts, especially during the Winter season, with people wishing to escape the cold elsewhere. With close access to on-shore shopping and dining, often closer to the guests’ home, Westerm Mediterranean spots are in hot demand:

French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, Spain, Balearics, The Amalfi Coast


Caribbean & Bahamas

There are hardly more idyllic destinations in the world than those in the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, gorgeous flawless tropical views as far as they eye can see… For a classic cruise destination with a stunning model escort, the Caribbean is ideal. Perfect for wonderful photo shoots, the models spend a lot of time in these locations already:

Bahamas, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, British Virgin Islands


Indian Ocean & South East Asia

Another set of picturesque locations that are popular for exotic photo shoots and yacht cruises. Wonderful views and scenery can be enjoyed while slowly cruising the luxurious seas in the Indian Ocean and parts of South East Asia:

Seychelles, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand


South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand

If you’re looking for somewhere exotic yet still Westernized and developed, why not head way South and enjoy the beauty of the South Pacific? Australia is essentially America 20 years prior, New Zealand has stunning lush land somewhat like Ireland, and the Fijian and French Polynesian Islands are absolutely gorgeous, picturesque paradise:

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia


Northern Europe & Baltics

Looking for somewhere fresh and closer to home? The UK and Northern Europe offer some equally beautiful coast line to explore. Again, generally a little less populated at certain times of the year, privacy and tranquility can be assured most of the time:

United Kingdom, Norway, Baltic Sea, Denmark,


Southern Hemisphere Tip

If you’re an adventurous type or looking for something new, why not try going as far South as possible? A cruise around Antarctica may not be for the faint hearted, but it sure is an experience!



North America & Canada

Get to know North America in a whole new light, from a whole new angle. The California coast, Canadian coasts and of course the Southern tip of Florida can offer some exciting and enjoyable experiences for all types of people. Whether you want to sight see, shop or boogey the night away, one of these destinations will suit you:

New England, Canada East Coast, Canada West Coast, California, Alaska, The Great Lakes, Florida, Greenland


Central & South America

For incredible exotic beauty, South America is the spot to head for. While you can go on shore in some areas to experience the passionate heat of South American nations, others are beautiful to just admire from offshore, with their deep blue oceans and tropical green forests. But why stay on board when you could actually enjoy an experience at one or more of these wonderfully colourful destinations:

Central America, Mexico, Patagonia, Chile, Galapagos Islands, Brasil