Luxury Super Yacht Services

Yacht Escort Service Outline

Super Yacht VIP Escort agency offers services beyond introducing gorgeous and intelligent companions. The company has contacts within the industry to arrange for many yacht-related services around the world.

Whether you seek a beautiful high end woman to escort you to a luxury dinner on board, or looking to charter or acquire a luxurious superyacht of your own, SYE can be your one-stop convenient concierge for all things super yacht related. Some of these include:


Luxury Yacht Charter

Super Yacht Escorts can assist you with charting luxury vessels from around the world. Whether you seek a motor yacht for a luxury getaway in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia/ New Zealand, or even into the Antarctic region, SYE is the perfect point for making the best contacts and receiving the best referrals.

We frequently cater for people seeking a superyacht on which to anonymously and privately get away with a beautiful VIP companion. Therefore we have contacts far and wide. We’re in a position to get you a fantastic price for a gorgeous luxury vessel.

Yacht Sales & Purchase

Our contacts within the yachting industry also keeps our finger on the pulse of industry sales. Beautiful super yachts are sold all the time as people upgrade or downgrade. Some spectacular luxury motor vessels come available throughout the year. Let us help you negotiate a purchase of one of the most luxurious items in the world.

Luxury Yacht Interior, Design and Decorating

Our contacts extend to all areas of super yacht requirements, including decor. Obviously not every yacht you purchase will be decorated to your ideal.

We have several companies who specialize in providing high quality interiors for yachts. When your luxury super yacht is in need of a high end interior decorator, look no further.

Having arranged a super yacht interior design for some of the most prestigious luxury ships afloat, we have the contacts you need, whether you seek a modern, classic contemporary, or classic heritage looks.

Yacht Management

A busy man needs a manager to handle the day to day needs of a super yacht. There are staff requirements, stocking, cleaning, mooring, mechanical maintenance, and more.

For a truly high quality manager, keeping the operation smooth and relaxed, Super Yacht Escorts can provide contacts with experienced yacht managers, (experienced yacht stewards and stewardesses), who will know just how to manage your luxury vessel with minimal fuss.

Ensure minimal stress and fuss for yourself by employing the services of a yacht manager or management team.

Yacht Staff

Staff is an important consideration for a super yacht. There’s not much fun involved in having to clean your own kitchen, cook your own dishes, or server your own food!

To fully enjoy the experience and relax as you should, you need a staff to assist the managers in keeping the vessel running smoothly.

Keeping the kitchen stocked with fresh food, a chef will manage the menu and meals, ensuring your dietary concerns and desires are met. Waiters will serve you and clear the table. Kitchen hands manage the cleaning of the kitchen.

On board cleaners will keep your yacht spic and span, with immaculate interiors. A yacht cleaning service is imperative to maintain the beauty and quality of the yacht.

There are also general staff who manage each level of the yacht, those who provide personal services such as shopping and personal training, a music manager/ dj, and more.

Whatever role you need filled, there will be a staff member available for us to contact and provide for you. Just contact us regarding high quality, experienced yacht staff, to discuss you needs.


Yacht Building and Refitting

When you have a super yacht that needs repair, adjustment or additions, you can’t haul it into the nearest service center! If you want to build your dream yacht from scratch, you can’t call a number in the yellow pages and pop over to pick a plan.

Super yacht building and refitting is a very specialized industry, and thankfully Super Yacht Escorts has connections with some of the finest yacht builders and yacht fitters in the business.

For unparalleled quality and satisfaction, contact us for a referral to the most renowned luxury tradesmen in the super yachting industry.


Yacht Companions

Why own a gorgeous super yacht with nobody to share it?! All work and no play makes one not only dull but potentially unwell…

Taking a few weeks, a weekend or even just an evening for dinner with a beautiful, intelligent woman will drive away the health-damaging stress for awhile.

Focus on her lovely smile over a candlelight dinner, and forget all the issues you’re dealing with. Let the superyacht and the gorgeous model carry you away to a world where nothing is difficult, and the evening can dissolve into a wonderful memory of fun, relaxation and peace.

A break is just what the doctor ordered; even looking out from your desk at her lovely form in a bikini on deck with brighten your heart and improve your day! Don’t deprive yourself of all the luxuries available to you.

Enjoy the company of a warm, engaging, captivating woman who will genuinely appreciate your company and go out of her way to make your time together memorable.

Because we don’t provide ‘traditional escorts’, but accomplished career girls (models, actresses, performers, CEOs etc), she doesn’t date often. So when she does, she thoroughly and genuinely enjoys it.

The models are listed with us because they appreciate super yachts and the successful men who enjoy them! They love and exciting trip, to spoil and be spoiled.

Meet your match today; contact Super Yacht Escorts and be introduced to a beautiful angel who can carry your mind away to a carefree, content atmosphere. Visit our escort model gallery now!


Yacht Marketing

Looking to sell your super yacht? Want to charter it out to guests? Super yacht sales require an experienced hand in order to negotiate the best package, and of course to attract the right buyer.

The same applies for chartering. You need a qualified individual to manage your at-sea real estate, so that the interiors are properly cared for and any damage is rectified immediately.

Marketing your super yacht can be a very time consuming and exhausting venture, if not lucrative.  As a vendor, it  is much easier to outsource the selling of a super yacht to a specialist.

Let us put you in touch with a professional super yacht salesperson, who will ensure your beautiful vessel is sold to the right person, at the right price.